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The chaos run command

You use the chaos run command to execute your declarative chaos engineering experiments. To see the options that can be passed to the chaos run command, execute:

(chaostk) $ chaos run --help

A tutorial on how to use the chaos run command is available as part of the Chaos Toolkit’s Getting Started tutorials.

Executing an Experiment Plan

To execute an experiment plan you simply pass it to the chaos run command:

(chaostk) $ chaos run experiment.json

chaostoolkit will log all the steps it follows from your plan in a journal by default called chaos-report.json. You can specify the name of this journal output file using the --report-path option.

Rehearsing an experiment execution

To test that you have a valid experiment you can pass the --dry option.

Run an experiment without validation

You can run an experiment and skip the experiment’s validation using the --no-validation option.